Secuplug – Lightweight WordPress Security Plugin

Secuplug includes three features that is XML-RPC, SSL and Hide Login Page for now.


SecuPlug is Lightweight XMLRPC, SSL Activate and Redirect and Hide Login Page Security. We deal you performance as first without compromise on Security. WordPress hack attempts are mostly becoming on XML-RPC requests.
Secuplug helps you about manage some of your critical XML-RPC services. It disables particular XMLRPC services which you are selected. So, it makes your site safe against XMLRPC attacks without disabling all xmlrpc services.


You can enable SSL if you have an SSL certificate. But, firstly you must buy an SSL certificate from any SSL dealer. Also, you can use cloudflare free SSL service. Secuplug redirects the URLs of the zones you select on your site as HTTPS/SSL by force. Also, it enhances the security of your login page by concealing the address and by ensuring SSL of your login page.

Hide Your WP-Login Page

You can change of your login page URL name without SSL problems.